What is Trauma?

Accidents and injuries are increasing at an alarming rate in everyday life. Trauma is an injury which may lead to prolonged disability or even death, in some cases. It may happen because of road accident, severe wound, burns, falls, toxins etc. Initial treatment is critical in trauma for determining the extent of injuries which will help in delivering timely treatment and medicines. In case of major injuries, patient needs well equipped medical facility, called as the Trauma Clinic. Emergency Services provided at right time will save patient’s life and body parts. Multispecialty hospitals with their emergency and trauma centers are playing a pivotal role for patients who need urgent medical attention, as various services are rendered at one place.

Treatment Procedure for Trauma

Human bones are rigid, but are prone to fractures or breaking in case of road accidents. First, with the help of X-ray technology, doctor identifies the exact diseased part of the body. Treatment usually consists of medical procedures to correct the condition which may include putting the broken pieces into place and restricting their movement until it heals. Surgery may be required in some cases during fracture treatment depending on its severity.

Fracture takes a few months to heal, but pain usually stops once the condition is improved and the fractured bone becomes capable of handling the stress of normal activities. During recovery time, your muscular strength in the injured area becomes weak, and doctors will recommend specific exercises which will help in regaining your original potency and flexibility.

Why us?

Life is a gift blessed by god and we give our best to make it healthy and happy. Kaka Hospital in Vadodara is a leading trauma centre in the city and has operated more than 3000 fractured bones with more than average success rate. We cater services to almost 240 new patients per month and a total of 3000 patients in a year. Our team of skilled surgeons specialized in each field are always ready for any emergency situations. The team consists of specialists in orthopaedics, general surgery, neuro surgery, vascular and maxillofacial surgery.

Take a View of Our World Class Medical Care

  • We handle cases of polytrauma patients i.e. patients with multiple fractures in high velocity road accidents. We are committed to bring them back on their feet as soon as possible.
  • For taking care of injuries caused in a trauma, we have an experienced team of Vascular Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons as well as General Surgeons. Thus, we can address a range of issues related to a trauma apart from fractures or usual injuries caused in such cases.
  • Many complicated injuries like pelvic fracture and calcaneus (heel) fracture are cured proficiently by our specialists.
  • All trauma patients are backed up with a physiotherapist team for fast recovery.
  • Our Emergency Health Care is open 24*7 in order to offer support at all times.

Avail swift, complete and efficient care with us!!