Maternity & Mother Care

Getting pregnant is the first step towards motherhood. You would be concerned about the care and services offered during pregnancy, as it is an important milestone in each mother’s life. We have complete facilities through our maternity centers. These support the entire spectrum from preconception to pregnancy care and from child birth till further

Specialist doctors who are trained in pediatric, maternity and emergency medicines are present for child and mother care.

Expecting a baby is the happiest moment in a mother’s life, and a new born baby is the most precious and lovely gift which a family can have. With an aim of giving best to your little one, we at Kaka Hospital render one of the finest mother care in Vadodara throughout the pregnancy which extends even after the delivery of the baby. Our separate labor rooms with fully equipped operation theater and advanced technological equipments have made our hospital a first preference mother care centre in the city. We cater comprehensive services for making your journey painless and pleasant right from the conception till delivery and even the post delivery period. All deliveries whether they are vaginal or caesarean section, are done by professional qualified doctors.

Our Operation Theatre (OT) section comprises of

  • Laminar Air Flow System
  • Hepa Filters
  • Double dome Shadowless Lights
  • Underwater Cautery
  • Suction Machine
  • Anesthesia Trolley
  • Hydraulic OT Table
  • Three door OT concept
  • High Sped Horizontal Autoclaving (CSSD) Systems for Sterilization

Apart from this, we also have separate labor room, doctor’s room and CSSD room.