Infertility refers to the inability of a woman to conceive even after regular intimate relationship with her male partner. For conceiving a woman must release an egg from one of her ovaries and the man’s sperm should combine with that. This fertilized egg must go through fallopian tube towards uterus and get attach to the inside of uterus (implantation). Infertility may happen because of disturbance in any of this step.

The reasons for infertility or inability to conceive in a woman can be a result of varied fertility issues or inadequacies present in the man (male) or woman (female). There could be several biological factors present in either partners which can lead to infertility. The standard method followed at our maternity wing is a step-by-step systematic process. First of all, the doctor educates the couple on the various factors and reasons responsible for the condition during consultation. In the next few visits, the reason for infertility is determined using various diagnostic procedures, where both the partners are allotted convenient appointments and tests are carried out. In the next phase, a plan of treatment is chalked out and the actual treatment begins. While, most of the infertility issues can be solved using medications m can be treated with medications, some of them need focused monitoring or simple surgeries.

Women with irregular menstrual cycles or older than 35 years should consult infertility specialist, if unable to conceive during 6 months of regular intimate relationship (sex) with her husband.

Infertility in Women

Changes in menstrual cycle and ovulation may lead to infertility problems in women

  • Unusual periods: Bleeding is more or less than usual
  • Irregular periods: Pattern in which periods varies each month.
  • No periods: You are not getting periods or they stopped suddenly.
  • Painful periods: You may get back pain, pelvic pain or sometimes cramping.

Infertility in Men

  • Changes in hair growth
  • Unwillingness in sexual desire
  • Pain or swelling in testicles.
  • Issues with erections and ejaculation.
  • Small, firm testicles.

Treatment of Infertility

Semen analysis is done in case male infertility is suspected. It is carried out to determine the count and health of male sperm. Blood test can also be performed for checking the level of testosterone and other male hormones.

In case where female infertility is suspected, several tests can be suggested by a doctor. Some of them are listed below:

  • Blood test for checking hormones.
  • Endometrial biopsy for checking the lining of uterus.

Female fertility can be treated through the following treatments:

Laparoscopy: Women with tubal or pelvic disease undergo surgery for reconstruction of reproductive organs or try to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Inserting laparoscope through a cut near belly bottom will remove scar tissue, ovarian cysts and can open blocked tubes.

Hysteroscopy: It is placed in the uterus through cervix for removing polyps and fibroid tumors. It divides scar tissues and opens blocked tubes.

Medical Therapy: Drugs like clompiphene citrate, letrozole or gonadotropins can help a woman in overcoming ovulation problems. These drugs can also increase fertility by causing multiple eggs to ovulate during cycle. Gonadotropin therapy is suggested when no problems are identified for infertility or if all the issues are resolved but still the woman is not conceiving

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): It is a procedure in which eggs are fertilized externally in a culture dish and then placed back in the uterus. Gonadotropin is taken by the woman for development of multiple eggs. When the egg becomes mature, it is collected using vaginal ultrasound probe with a needle guide. The sperm is then combined with eggs in the culture dish. After many days, fertilized eggs are put back into uterus through intra-uterine insemination catheter.

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